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Small business entrepreneurs wear many hats, and if you’re reading this Web site, it’s a good bet one of those is that of an IT administrator. But once your company has grown past a couple of PCs and a Wi-Fi router, it’s time to think about a professional solution.
You can hire a part- or full-time IT guy, or contract with a local provider to deliver services as needed -- to deploy a software, for instance, or to troubleshoot the problem should your network go down. But more small businesses are taking advantage of managed IT services that, for a monthly fee, give them 24/7 support, remote diagnostics and troubleshooting, on-site service when needed, plus planning and deployment services for major projects.
Break/Fix model vs. Managed Services: Key Benefits
Most small companies use the “break/fix model” of technology management: when technology fails, a consultant is called in to fix the problem and the company pays a fee for the service. This method results in repeated downtime and lost productivity. The problem with this model is that consultants are not motivated to keep the client’s network and systems running efficiently because the consultant makes more money when the technology breaks down.
Small business owners should consider Infrassist managed IT services solution for several reasons. Managed services provide affordable solutions to the complex technology problems of small businesses for a fixed monthly fee. Technology experts are fully focused on keeping the systems of the company up and running because repeated technology failures means higher costs to them. Therefore, the managed services model is beneficial to both the client and the technology expert because small businesses have the advantage of lower rates and better services while technology experts get the fixed monthly fee from multiplecustomers.
With remote monitoring and maintenance of the network, technology problems are resolved before they can disrupt the business, and network and hardware performance is greatly improved, with a significant decrease in network downtime. This increased efficiency leads to increased employee productivity and optimized return on investment (ROI). Managed IT Services help small business owners by simplifying IT operations and improving the reliability of networks. Instead of spending time worrying about technology, small business owners can stay focused on growing their businesses.
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