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Servers once installed and made live in production network in SMBs, require periodic maintenance, upgrades and constant monitoring to ensure sustained performance at peak levels. Regular server management and monitoring helps tackle issues, if any, in their prime before they take up gigantic proportions that disrupt business processes and in turn impact revenue generation capability of the organization.
Servers, once deployed in production networks, often don’t get the required attention for either the lack of skilled personnel within the organization or because of lack of necessary know-how and tools to carry out such tasks. We at Infrassist will manage these tasks through our Server Management and Monitoring as a service giving businesses a breathing space thereby more time to concentrate on their core business areas.
We provide the following services under the Server Management & Monitoring as a Service:
Server Management
Update Management
OS Updates
Software Updates
Antivirus Updates
Server Hardening
Disabling unwanted services and ports
Strong access controls
Security Software Installs
Installation & Configuration of required security software
Group Policy Enforcement
Design and implementation of group policies for a domain based network
Application errors
Server Monitoring
Resource Monitoring
Event Log Monitoring
Service Monitoring
Status check on business critical services on standard ports (HTTP, DNS, HTTPS, etc.)
Status check of Services on custom ports
Network monitoring for Server
TCP/IP Status
Interface errors
Hardware/Software Information
Details of installed hardware/software
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