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Cyber-attacks are on the rise and with each passing day more and more businesses are being targeted by hackers to carry out their malicious deeds. Web servers, database servers, application servers are all at risk of being hacked whether they are sitting at the perimeter or are within the protected areas of the business network.
Reactive controls and steps to deal with hacked servers and networks may help to reduce the impact of such incidents onto revenue generation capabilities and more importantly incur greater cost along with lost time. Being proactive is what separates you from rest of the crowd. In house team of security professionals for carrying out proactive security measures might not always be a cost viable affair and definitely not a wise one when the core business functions of your company are not IT related.
We at Infrassist give you the ability to have a proactive defense mechanism in place as we take up the responsibility of ensuring that your production network and servers are vulnerability assessed are regular intervals with optional vulnerability mitigation plans that you may wish to deploy to circumvent any hacking attempts through known vulnerabilities.
We also provide you with Penetration Testing as a service allowing you to take the proactive defense to the next level that will dictate to you the actual security posture of your network and servers. Professionals at our end will try to bypass security controls deployed within your IT infrastructure imitating hacker tactics to actually test out the security preparedness of your organization. With regular tests, structured reporting and planned treatment of vulnerabilities exposed during such tests, you can up the ante against hackers.
Some of the methodologies / framework we adopt to carry out penetration testing:
  • OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project Top 10;
  • ISSAF (Information Systems Security Assessment Framework);
  • OSSTM (Open Source Security Testing Methodology)
Each of the below service will include highest level of reporting with mitigation plans as optional add-on offering.
Vulnerability Assessment as a Service
Operating System Scanning for known vulnerabilities in servers and workstations.
Mail Servers Scanning for vulnerabilities in mail servers (Exchange, SendMail, etc).
Web servers Scanning of servers for vulnerabilities in web servers (IIS, Apache, nginx, etc).
Network equipment Scanning of network equipments to identify unpatched vulnerabilities.
Penetration Testing as a Service
White box Testing
Attempting to get past the security controls of the network through prior information about the network and resources.
Gray box Testing
Attempt to penetrate the network with very less information about the target network.
Black box Testing
Attempting to penetrate the network with no information about target network.
Network equipment
Scanning of network equipments to identify unpatched vulnerabilities.
Web Application Security as a Service
Web Application Security
Scanning for known vulnerabilities in web servers hosting web applications;
Checking for top known vulnerabilities in the web application;
Web application code review;
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