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Networks are the backbone of any IT infrastructure that is connected to the internet and when the IT infrastructure forms an indivisible part of the revenue generation mechanism, the underlying network and its components require the same attention as the servers and they need to be managed and monitored regularly to receive peak performance from them.
Lack of in-house professionals for network management and monitoring often leads to underperforming network that causes network delays, intermittent connectivity issues, reduced download speeds, disconnected workstations, etc. which in turn impacts revenue and employee productivity.
Infrassist brings to you Network management and monitoring as a service through which you can offload all network related management functions onto professionals at our end who will ensure that your network is performing at its optimum levels.
We will dig down deep into the network layer and listen to traffic in its raw form to identify network issues, interface errors, physical errors, undetected virus / Trojan / malware infection, etc. and exactly point out pain areas of your network and suggest remedial measures to get your network and networking devices to optimum performance levels.
Network Management
Network Device Management
Content Filtering Systems
Gateway level anti-virus, anti-spam.
Network Hardening (Secure your network)
Firewall / Router rule set to keep hackers at bay.
Strong content filtering polices to keep harmful sites inaccessible.
Strong anti-virus and anti-spam policies to keep your HTTP and mail traffic secure.
Network Device OS Upgrades
Upgrade network device operating to weed out bugs and known vulnerabilities.
Group Policy Enforcement
Design and implementation of group policies for a domain based network
Intermittent connectivity issues
Slow download speeds
Network Monitoring
Network Traffic monitoring
Traffic type
Packet flow
Protocol wise traffic distribution
Log Monitoring
Get meaningful information out of your hardware boxes.
Receive regular alerts in case of network congestion issues, network health, etc.
Bandwidth monitoring
Available bandwidth
Bandwidth consumption
Live bandwidth graphs
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