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Jack Welch once stated, ‘Your back office is someone else’s front office’

Managing business-enabling IT applications and infrastructure environment has become extremely complex. IT organisations need high levels of skills, continuous investment in technology, processes and automation, and yet be able to demonstrate predictable operational costs with year over year (Y-o-Y) productivity improvements. Every layer of the enterprise IT infrastructure has to work seamlessly and efficiently in order to derive the above benefits.
Free up internal resources and focus on core business
Businesses prefer to focus on market leadership strategies and increase revenue by developing and selling value-added products and planning for future growth. Such enterprises need to strategically consider contracting MSPs to outsource operations like business processes, network operations, server and storage infrastructure.
Driving efficiency through SLAs
Internally run enterprise IT operations rely on long-term employed staff. These resources have developed significant expertise either as individuals or in small groups over many years. However, this model does not deliver consistent performance or scale or the ability to measure, report, analyse, tune and optimise IT operations. With managed services contracts, the service provider and customer agrees on key performance indicators (KPIs) as part of a comprehensive service level agreement (SLA) for a defined set of services. Service level managed processes drive efficiency
Reduced total cost of operations
Managed services providers have successfully demonstrated measurable cost savings through delivered productivity gains and/or increased workload handled. At Infrassist we deliver significant savings resulting from cost arbitrage due to the lower cost of offshore-centric human capital, improved efficiency, higher skills, automation, improved knowledge management and overall reduction in operating costs. Fixed monthly operating costs, aligned with business streams, allows for better visibility and predictability to your finances.
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